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Analyse the informatization difficult problem of mechanical industry
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Mechanical industry is the trade that cuts informatization the earliest, also have the history that controls 30 years almost to today, but the informatization of manufacturing industry is inferior to resembling bank and telecommunication really these are not done criterion already, do turning, computer stops one hour, business also wants to stop.

Manufacturing industry starts very early, did not accomplish today resemble a bank, picture it is so safe, good to be done like telecommunication, I feel the most essential is the administrative complexity of manufacturing industry, his demand is particularly complex, we a moment ago said, technological process of the administrative pattern inside different manufacturing pattern, government and administrative demand are diverse, those business flow that a moment ago promoted actually can be done so that standardize exceedingly, but it is very difficult that manufacturing industry should accomplish exceeding standardization, demand is complex it is very difficult accomplish flow standardization.

Still having a reason is not to invest to reach the designated position, we should view financial industry, telegraphic trade, their investment in informatization respect is very big. But the industry that manufacturing industry is a smaller profit, his growth is the tie that got a lot of factors, cannot ask manufacturing industry is annual the growth of hundred, let him take out very tall proportional devoted informatization, this is impossible. Because itself is the industry of small profit. A lot of enterprises want to do now, but his gain is insufficient, he asks to live above all. Investing scale according to foreign enterprise informatization is take whole income 2% , such 3% levels, the enterprise of our China present investment 1% be less than. This proportion is very small.

Invest an idea to go up to still have a problem additionally, the investment that goes up to construction of hardware, network compares past China company active, but do not be willing to spend money however on software, basically be to fall 37, it is software 30% what hold investment, hardware is occupied 70% , abroad comes over almost, the investment that is hardware is 30% , and software is 70% , one is investment do not reach the designated position, a scale that is investment does not reach the designated position. The recognition of the enterprise is very simple, if buy hardware to spend 1000 U.S. dollors to buy,be to be able to look get, but should buy a software, the likelihood is a piece of CD, he does not wear the value inside this soon. So this investment idea has a problem, an investment does not reach the designated position, another invests the issue on the idea, this also is the process that affects informatization of our manufacturing industry.
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