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Mechanical foundation industry existence problem and case study
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Because our country is right mechanical foundation the significant position understanding in machinist job is later, long-term lack is devoted, cause difference of whole industry foundation, a copy kept as a record thin, actual strength is weak. Especially as level of our country lead plane rise, mechanical foundation the bottleneck phenomenon that lags behind at lead plane is shown increasingly. In recent years, although the respect waits in development of transfer of technology, technical reformation, scientific research, the country gave certain support, but compare with current market demand and foreign level photograph, still have not little difference, incorporate is in: Product breed little, level is low, quality is not stable, inchoate fault rate is high, dependability is poor.

Our country mechanical foundation product breed, norms is little, especially high-grade product difference is bigger, cannot satisfy the requirement that lead plane expands increasingly. Current, foundation of of all kinds lead plane function index general interest is equivalent to 20 centuries of foreign 80 age level. Quality is not stable, inchoate fault rate is high, dependability is poor, it is a foundation the heel of Achilles. Accordingly, many leader plants are the market competition ability that enhances its lead plane, often choose to import a foundation form a complete set, cause homebred foundation, especially the product with technical inferior content, home market is had rate drop somewhat. Although our country foundation product exit has clear advantage, but basically be labor concentrated model product, the amount is large, value is low, the technology is add the cost is not high.

Current, our country mechanical foundation the industry puts in the following and main problem:

It is to repeat construction serious, specialization rate is low, form do not become dimensions, economic benefits is poor

Mechanical foundation compare with lead plane photograph, the initiative fund that the enterprise establishs and technical place need to throw opposite less, a few times in the country accordingly economy grows period greatly, increased a batch of bases manufacturing company, also appeared subsequently a large number of low-level repetition are built, order much, lot small, form do not become economic dimensions. Foundation although the enterprise becomes independent gradually at leader plant, but most enterprise itself is big and complete, small and complete, specialization rate is low, equipment level is not high, quality is not stable, economic benefits is low. 50% what if business of 3 large mainstays produces per year industry of our country bearing,the summation of bearing still is less than a well-known company of foreign. Nearly two years, our country builds plant of casting die of fluid of close a hunderd schools, but produce per year 300 thousand above have a few only, main product is to be agriculture machinery form a complete set. And company of German Li Shile produces per year products of all sorts of fluid casting die 1.3 million, japanese oil grinds (individual plant) also produce per year 600 thousand above. Production value of average per capita of company of pattern of industrial developed country makes an appointment with 150 thousand ~ 200 thousand dollar, our country has 40 thousand ~ only 50 thousand yuan of RMBs. In recent years, fulfil as what a variety of system of ownership develop policy jointly, foundation honest all previous wears the industry to change development course by the intensive that arrives to be centered gradually dispersedly.
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