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Emperor and agriculture machinery: Taste newly appear on the market dissolve cos
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Under turn out in full force, does Yan have egg? Industry of Agricultural Machinery and Implement also not exceptional.

Make the fork of a minimum of the industry as machinery, of raw material price rise to affect Agricultural Machinery and Implement creates a field likewise considerably.

Since this year, only iron ore rises every tons 800 yuan, brought about steel price to rise 30% . Add a RMB to appreciate ceaselessly, of price of raw material of labour cost etc rise ceaselessly, production enterprise encounters unprecedented cost pressure.

Actually, as a result of rotary tillage machine, come back sow the product of Agricultural Machinery and Implement such as machine to be made by rolled steel entirely, because this and posture of company of production of lead plane of a few agriculture machinery are compared, power of the step up on the cost that get is greater. With big in the photograph of lead plane product such as machine of horsepower tractor, results is compared, rotary tillage machine wants on weight light a lot of, example is in like weight of machine of a results 4.5 tons of above, and the weight of machine of one Taichun rotary tillage is to become the left and right sides firstly only, accordingly, if pure raise price, achieve 779 yuan than original unit price and even ten yuan lead plane, increase 339 yuan scope, with in a cost price 1000 yuan rise on the foundation of 4500 yuan rotary tillage machine, the psychology of consumer bears degree of affirmation is far different. And pure the market sale that promotes valence to want to consider a company, have rate, and agency especially the acceptance of terminal user is spent wait for integrated element. Accordingly, it is enterprise of Agricultural Machinery and Implement not only, although mainframe business, rise in cost before pressure, right pure apply price lever to appear cautious.

Of course, the company with different to actual strength, different ability of management mode, gain, the sensitive level that rises to cost is different also, digestive ability and method are different also. Public figure of industry of a few agriculture machinery is conveyed to the reporter so viewpoint.

“ is mixed to emperor for agriculture machinery, the user economy that expands area of state, different sale according to enterprise oneself on one hand supports the element such as ability, undertook to the product the price is adjusted appropriately, but cannot rise cost blindly marry again arrives on user body. Limited company of machinery of agriculture of river of ” Heibei emperor (next weighing emperor and agriculture machinery) president Wang Xinfang says. “ extends the market with new product, carry high yield to taste additional cost, also be the strategy of a sale that with a view to dissolves cost pressure apparently. ”
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