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Agricultural machinery disassembles 7 attentions
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(the surface should keep clear of before 1) disassembles clay and smeary, disassemble should keep clean in the process.

(2) should make clear the tectonic principle of the machine that be torn open or component, avoid to tear open bad parts.

(3) undertakes disassembling according to need, as far as possible little disassemble.

(Suitable tool should be used when 4) disassembles, avoid to strike knock suddenly, lest the spare parts is injured or be out of shape.

(5) should undertake disassembling according to reasonable order, it is commonly arrive by accessory advocate, by outer to lining, first by overall tear open assembly, dismantle a part by assembly again, dismantle a part by the component.

(When 6) disassembles, should be assemble ready-made. Assemble to rise efficiency and ensure constructional validity, when disassembling, should notice to check earmark is mixed make good mark (Tu Se, print etc) .

(After 7) spare parts disassembles, should classify according to degree of nicety of material property, spare parts deposit.
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