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Skill of water pump trouble removal
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The water pump when starting does not turn reason: Filling too close or between impeller and pump housing by sundry card lives and jam; Annulus of pump shaft, bearing, leak becomes rusty; Pump shaft bends badly. Eliminate a method: Loosen filling, dredge causes trough: Ravel pump housing is cleared sundry or rust; Corrective bent axis or change new pump shaft.

The water pump after starting does not give water reason: Available gas or wirereinforced suction hose accumulate gas inside pump; Heart valve shuts lax fill water filling of malcontent, vavuum pump is serious and flat; Brake a powerful person or pat the door to shut lax. Eliminate a method: Cleared and sundry, the rubber that changes to already damaged is filled up, change a powerful person piece direction; Impaction or change new filling, close brake valve or beat the door; Increase fill water amount, till deflate snail stuff place does not risk bleb; Change the tubal water that has flaw; Reduce lift, control the nozzle of water pump into underwater 0.5 meters.

Discharge is not worth a reason: Actual lift allows water pump more than lift; Rotate speed does not deserve to cover or leather belt skids, rotate speed on the low side; Part of installation of axial-flow pump lamina is too small; Suck Cheng exorbitant; Heart valve, pipeline and impeller are local jam or impeller is short of caustic; Give conduit slack and serious. Eliminate a method: Reduce lift, restore rated rotate speed, bilge of cleared leather belt and mix up leather belt is spent closely; Horn of mix up lamina, reduce water pump to install the position; Screw gland, sealed water pump is slack place, impaction filling or change filling; Cleared jam content, change impeller; Change leak annulus, jam slack place.

Discharge by big decrescent reason: Mesh or horn mouth gradually by sundry jam; Move drawdown, wirereinforced suction hose to flood depth of water insufficient. Eliminate a method: Cleared and sundry, increase heart valve to be spent into depth of water.

Water goes out to break an account in moving: Pipeline or the place that drink water has sundry jam; Filling wears away, become loose, water seals a canal to jam; Impeller is taken off by batter or pine; Move water level drama to fall. Eliminate a method: Cleared jam content, change pilot a ship into a harbour of filling, dredge is in charge of groove, correct installation water seals annulus; Originally closely or change impeller; Reduce water pump to install the position, or machine of the reopen after waiting for water level to rise.

Power uses up too big reason: Rotate speed is exorbitant; Pump shaft bends; Blade is circled have sundry; Lift is exorbitant. Eliminate a method: Adjust appropriate rotate speed; Corrective pump shaft; Cleared and sundry; Try to reduce lift.