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High grade " double low " rape manufactures mechanization technology
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1, what content does technology of rape production mechanization include?

Technology of rape production mechanization includes mechanical soil preparation, machinery to sow, transplant of grow seedlings of mechanical ditch, mechanization, mechanical plant protection, mechanical results, straw returns the link such as cropland, mechanical threshing, machining, core content is mechanization sows, transplant of mechanization grow seedlings and results. At present home sows in mechanical soil preparation, machinery, the mechanical grow seedlings that make earthen bowl, mechanical plant protection, straw returns the respect such as cropland, mechanical threshing, machining to already had more mature technology, but development experiment phase is in basically still in mechanical transplant and mechanical results respect.

2, what current situation is development of technology of mechanization of establish of domestic and international oily colza?

The country such as England, France, United States and Japan is in the development respect of automatic and cultivated machine obtained rape certain result. France in 20 centuries 60 time development goes " Pikaduoer " automatic and cultivated machine, use at planting the seedling is cultivated. Japan in 20 centuries 70 time development goes TPA, 1 model full automatic cultivated machine, improved work efficiency greatly, reduced labor intensity. Our country from 20 centuries 60 time begin to develop cultivated aircraft, initial stage basically uses the crop such as transplant corn and cotton, develop transplant cole later. Rape results uses special cole mower more in the country such as France, Italy, one-time finish reap, threshing, primary election. The product basically has black case, 160, Niu Helan. The black case that our country recommended company of German black pattern 2000, 160 model combine harvester, wanted Shanghai suburb to undertake harvesting the field experiment of the crop such as oily, wheat. In digest absorption foundation to go up, had developed an our country country's applicable rape combine harvester. Rapeseed drying is to ensure bumper harvest of rape high yield, raise colza to machine the significant step of character. Foreign dry machinery considers to start at 20 centuries 40 time, 70, 80 time develop to respect of control of efficient, high grade, energy-saving, low cost, computer, develop new technology ceaselessly, new model. Main development is appropriate after Japanese World War II at the medium, small-sized equipment with dry paddy, adoption heat source is derv or kerosene, a few it is fuel with rice husk. 70 time enter 20 centuries of our country phase of research and development of medium, small-sized drier, 80 time are backward muti_function, small-sized way develops. 1996 only then, introduce Taiwan, Japan without stannic city in province of Shanghai, Jiangsu early or late solely invested and professional drier produces manufacturer, sexual of dry machines and tools can be reliable, automation degree is advanced characteristic, get applied extensively.
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