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Spring agriculture machinery uses a note
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As air temperature pick up, spring ploughing production is forthcoming, all sorts of agriculture machinery will begin to throw exercise of each agriculture machinery, use breakdown to decrease, improve exercise efficiency, assure safe production, improve use beneficial result, use spring agriculture machinery note introduction to be as follows now:   

One, before spring is enabled, all sorts of agriculture are mechanical answer the requirement according to operation instruction handbook, the clearing before be being used into exercise, lubricant, adjust, wait for the job stably, in order to ensure machines and tools throws exercise with good technical position.   

2, mechanical to motivation (like tractor, diesel engine) of lubricant system maintain, divide outside using lubricating oil by formulary level, abide by lubricant system even strictly to maintain tone period and standard, clean lubricant system regularly, change regularly filter component, wear away in order to reduce parts.   

3, air temperature discretion is flabby early spring, fantasticality, cannot ignore to dynamical machinery uses correctly of cooling system: It is to should continue to do work of good prevent frostbite, nightly air temperature under 0 ℃ when, should dropt cooling water, lest aspic cracks airframe; 2 it is a machine when microtherm is started, should execute warm-up to start; 3 it is the normal use temperature that should note engine, water Wen Da arrives when 40 ℃ above, square but no load move, ability of 60 ℃ above begins bear to work, normal working temperature should maintain between 80-95 ℃ , with reducing engine needless wear away.   

4, the tractor is undertaking rotary tillage, sow, irrigate when waiting for exercise, must abide by operating rules strictly, ensure safe production.