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The technology of rehabilitate of modified of a kind of engine
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One kind can make inside the new technology that lights rehabilitate of modified of engine proper motion has appeared. According to " car weekly " reported on March 30, 2001, be in company of car of one steam group the 2nd engine in room of factory engine bench test, a CAAGE gasoline engine is below the condition of completely inorganic oil, fill those who increase certain amount " rub emperor " solvent, with 1000 turn / is divided to 3000 turn / the movement of cent speed undertook experimenting 100 minutes full, the machine is safe and sound, condition is admirable. In the experiment, engine sound and shake to all be not had peculiar, temperature of feel of aperture of engine oil infuse only 30-40 Celsius, water is warm only 70 Celsius left and right sides, the crock presses stability. Ravel cylinder body, discover all attrition surface is bright and clean degree taller, show blue white, the cermet layer that the new student becomes is very bright. The expert thinks, this one experiment not only can use on engine, also can use at the modified rehabilitate of other industry equipment, make the machine is carried fall character bad news, prolong service life.

Si of key laboratory of state of Tsinghua university tribology includes a key to study a plan his. Jiang Masheng research center decided Chu Heilong to be nodded to be cut with car engine 2001, with rub holy technology has modified repair for new, old engine, carry archives to upgrade. Because of they and this Changchun car company factory collaboration of the 2nd engine did afore-mentioned test.

Rub holy technology is early 20 years ago by before research organization of Russia military affairs invented this technology with respect to research, the Wukelan after Russia disintegrate hundreds expert continues research of with great concentration, extend civil domain from martial domain stage by stage, involve the branch such as industry, agriculture and traffic, created breathtaking socioeconomy benefit. One doctor of our country leaving black discovers this technology applicable to have face of mechanical metal attrition at place via making an on-the-spot investigation a few years, it is a new and high technology that can be rehabilitate of modified of metallic attrition surface cermet layer, can twice increases grind exterior wear-resisting, anti-corrosive, high temperature resistant function, reducing specific power consumption, eliminate pollution to protect an environment, lengthen effect of machine life side remarkable, and rehabilitate of this kind of modified need not disassemble machine, it is automatic in move finish, very handy. 1999 metaphase our country of this transfer of technology, denominate " rub emperor " , meaning the emperor that is technology of rehabilitate of attrition surface modified.