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Mechanical cold storage lasts technology
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1. what is mechanical cold storage

Mechanical cold storage is to be in the storeroom that has good heat proof quality the action of system of condensation of machinery of have the aid of, quantity of heat by high temperature object (by cooling object) transfer microtherm object (environmental medium) in go, be about to the quantity of heat inside the library delivers a library outside, make Kuneiwen is spent reduce and maintain in be helpful for fruit vegetables inside long-term store limits. The advantage of mechanical cold storage is the effect that does not suffer outside ambient condition, OK and rapid and even ground reduces a library lukewarm, the temperature inside the library, humidity and ventilated can control according to storing up to ask and adjust of the object.

The principle that 2. machinery refrigerates

Fruit and vegetable are collected after closing, its assimilation stops basically, but remain live system, still can undertake respiration, inside cent disintegrate organic matter, emit respiration heat. The water content of fresh fruit vegetables is high, nutrient material is rich, protection organizes difference, suffer damage and microbial enroach on easily, belong to perishable commodity. Want to had stored up fresh fruit vegetable, besides had done the commercialization after collecting to handle, still must have store up accordingly establishment, provide cold storage mechanism, creation stores up aptly ambient conditions, utmost ground restrains breathing metabolization, after deferring ripe with anile process, prolong the life after collecting thereby; In the meantime, also prevent effectively microbial grow progenitive, avoid fruit vegetables to be invaded because of sufferring catch and cause cankered metamorphism.

A large number of field heat and respiration heat are brought when fruit and vegetable enter refrigeratory, personnel of heat of leakage of system of the lamplight inside the library, warehouse, operation comes loose the quantity of heat such as heat needs to eliminate, so that maintain the low temperature in the library. This drops in temperature the process is to pass the change of states of matter of refrigeration agent to finish. The working principle of mechanical refrigeration is to use refrigeration agent to turn into from liquid state caloric character is absorbed when gaseous state, make the fruit inside the library and vegetable temperature drop, keep constant microtherm requirement, achieve defer fruit vegetables consenescence, lengthen store up life and maintain commodity quality.

3. refrigeration system

Refrigeration system is the core of refrigeratory, main by reduce system, condensation system, evaporate system and control valve 4 major composition, additionally still fan, conduit and appearance wait complementary. Whole refrigeration system is a sealed circular loop, refrigeration agent circulates in this sealed system, control supply and the number that enter evaporator according to need, in order to obtain appropriate microtherm condition. Compressor is the heart of refrigeration system, it drives refrigeration agent to circulate in the system. The action of condenser is the quantity of heat in the gaseous refrigeration agent after eliminating to compress, make its condense into agent of liquid state refrigeration; The cooling means of condenser has air refrigeration, water refrigeration, air and water photograph to combine 3 kinds, air cools small-sized refrigeratory applies a be confined to in refrigeration equipment. The action of evaporator is to cold amount is provided inside refrigeratory, evaporator is pressed outfit inside refrigeratory, use air-blower to blow cool air to each place inside the library, large icebox is commonly used evaporator of air channel join, lengthen distance sending wind, make a library lukewarm drop more even.
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