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Corn machine sows Shandong sunshine city this year the level has relatively rise
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This year summer kind in the process, branch of agriculture machinery of county of sunshine city each district captures near future rainwater the favorable opportunity with more, good soil moisture content, active organization begins corn mechanization to avoid sow exercise n cultivated land, accelerate hard summer kind plan. Up to now, city corn machine sows sunshine to be finished basically already, whole town in all machinery of go into battle is close 400 thousand (cover) , sow an area to achieve 358 thousand mus, machine sow rate achieve 43% , than going up year rise 32% .

Sow a level to raise corn mechanization, branch of whole town various agriculture machinery is to adopt a variety of conduct propaganda measure, popularize corn extensively to avoid sow n cultivated land wait for a technology, organize especially demonstrated wheaten harvester to close - corn is avoided sow n cultivated land " one continuous line " exercise, undertake conduct propaganda through the media such as daily of city TV station, sunshine, raised broad farmer to sow the understanding of advantage to corn mechanization. 2 it is to increase the organization that buys machine allowance policy to carry out strength, introduce advanced and applicable avoid agrarian drill to fetters, raise whole town corn to avoid agrarian drill to provide retain quantity, to at present whole town corn avoids agrarian drill to fetters to already achieved more than 3000. 3 it is to draw lessons from experience of the wheaten work that cross a region, increase constituent management strength, guide agriculture machinery large family and organization of service of operation of of all kinds agriculture machinery actively to begin corn to avoid sow exercise n cultivated land. Agriculture machinery of Maokuan of town of outline of a mountainous area tablet serves haze professional cooperation is in 3 summer production is medium this year, constituent commune member begins order to work, execute wheaten harvester to close for farmer - corn is avoided sow n cultivated land " one continuous line " service, finish Xiaomai to harvest an area in all more than mus 2000, corn is avoided sow an area n cultivated land more than mus 1000. 4 be through executing small-sized agriculture machinery preferential cheer calorie of system, assured summer during planting, corn of form a complete set of small-sized power machines and tools avoids agrarian drill put into high gear, undertake hammer and tongs summer kind exercise.