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Clear division of bilge of agriculture machinery spare parts
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One, cleared metal smeary
(1) Leng Xi. Serve as clear lotion with kerosene, benzine, derv, put the part into the oily basin that contains net sieve, brush scrub with steel wire, smeary sift the heavy bottom that enter a basin through the net, abluent the spare parts after can be in air air. But must notice, if clean attrition piece kind smeary, should use scrub of a few benzine clean. And right not the balata of oil resistant and coriaceous smeary, cannot use oil kind clean. Reach for managing oil plants it is better to achieve clean the effect, should wash cleaner, face first smoother with minor part, wash bigger, face next smeary heavier spare parts; Also can part oil full-dress inside a few oily basins, wash at the beginning of cent, second wash and essence of life washs a few measure. Usable washed is washed first oily, still can use after classics precipitation again, achieve an oily goal thereby.
(2) heat is washed. With alkaline after heating with emulsifying agent solution, clean. Wait as a result of engine oil, gear oil cannot dissolve in alkaline solution, and can form emulsion only, should add emulsifying agent in alkaline solution so (siliceous natrium, soap) , the action of emulsifying agent is: Can soak oil reservoir interior, the adhesion of abate oil and metal, make oily film crack and depart comes out. Need to heat solution to 70 ~ 80 ℃ , the dip in putting the part in solution is boiled. The clear water that 80 ℃ of 60 ~ should use after the spare parts is cleaned is rinsed, next air. Of cleared steel and cast-iron spare parts smeary, commonly used solution recipe is: Caustic soda 0.75% , sodium carbonate 5% , phosphoric acid 3 natrium 1% , soap 0.15% , the others is water. And make a spare parts clean to aluminium cannot use caustic soda solution, and convert sodium carbonate solution.
(3) use metal cleans an agent. Want the requirement according to the manual to undertake cleaning to the spare parts.
2, furring of cleared and cooling system
(1) clear division of solution of delay corrode hydrochloric acid. Acidity solution eliminates dirty ability strong, cleared efficiency is tall, general and commonly used the hydrochloric acid solution of 10% undertakes 8% ~ acidity processing. But of hydrochloric acid solution corrode action very strong, use middling joins the corrosion inhibiter of certain amount, in order to reduce hydrochloric acid solution to metallic spare parts corrode, have the effect of cleared scale. Commonly used corrosion inhibiter is 6 methylene 4 ammonium, the 0.5% ~ that general dosage is hydrochloric acid dosage 3% . Of solution of hydrochloric acid of ① delay corrode make up. According to engine refrigeration fastens a capacity, will clean water has been filled, add particular proportional hydrochloric acid concoctive and even, add a provision next proportional corrosion inhibiter, agitate solution comes even till. The use method of solution of hydrochloric acid of ② delay corrode. Clean those who had matched solution to join water tank, clean solution through be being given off after the job of an order, need engine clear water of a bit cold rejoin, the engine that start, clean hydrochloric acid solution clean give off, the cooling water that adds bate can.
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