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Agriculture machinery uses maintenance key
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Check crackle to put the part in kerosene to immerse 30 minutes opportunely, the surface is wiped after be being taken out, in apparently wipe ash of a chalk, after waiting for period of time, because chalk ash absorbed the oozy kerosene in crackle, make the place that has flaw blackens, can the part of crackle of fish spare parts.

Artful outfit tire gets rid of first round of circle those who go up is ferruginous, inside, besmear between cover tyre one layer French chalk, next annulus the circle is put smooth, put cover tyre. Step with the foot or crow enters prize of flange of cover tyre a side round of circle is medium, put inner tube, secure charge valve in with iron wire annulus in encircling charge valve aperture, install the other a side of cover tyre finally. From charge valve corresponding position begins, with crow tire one part first prize joins round of group, install to both sides from charge valve gradually then, step on the tread of as relative as charge valve position with the foot at the same time, the edge steps on edge prize, can make the bead ring place of cover tyre loads round of circle gradually.

Artful outfit oil seal makes up toward crankshaft when oil seal, its are sealed inside carry incidental twist, bring about leakage oil. a piece clean thin hard scroll becomes reel of form of a horn, cover reel on the axis, reel is small end of upright park axis, will oily envelope is on reel small end, enter gently to axial top spin with handgrip oil seal, direction of rotation and reel coil to consistent, come back when oil seal after reaching the designated position, exit reel slowly can.

Because the cable in use that investigates cable to break line water pump to use opportunely relapses fold, screwy, easy generation breaks a string. With outlet of power source of a 220 bend over, the bulb that receives a 220 bend over, 15 tile is strung together on one of root power supply cord, receive two power supply cord the two end of line of a core in cable respectively, the bulb after receiving electrify source is bright express circuit to connect, state this core line breaks a string otherwise. At this moment handholding cable of reoccupy both hands, exert oneself to do sth. one paragraph squashs between Duan Xiangzhong, if the light is bright,express this paragraph of line to break a string. Disconnect power source, glue of the incision that use a knife is covered, had received break a string, reoccupy insulation adhesive plaster has been wrapped can.

When using crock of some of diesel engine of crock law much crock to malfunction opportunely, commonly used the law that break a crock will judge. Use crock law to must notice the following: First the air in fuel pump of eduction diesel engine, in order to assure judicious; the position of door of lard of park of diesel engine accelerator, in case engine flameout; When unscrew when vitta of some crock of high pressure, should notice to look, put fine listen, see engine black smoke whether decrease, listen to engine noise to have invariant, if around is invariant, state this crocks have trouble, should make further examination. Allocate pump of type fuel injection to do not have delivery valve, each crocks of fuel injection measures phenomenon of faze of be concerned with having each other, accordingly, allocate pump to cannot diagnose some crock to whether have trouble with the law that break a crock.
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