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How does occurrence quality problem handle bought agriculture machinery product?
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How to complain

Basis " rights and interests of consumer of People's Republic of China protects a law " the 34th regulation, when consumer and operator produce controversy of rights and interests, can seek according to following way solve. ① and operator talk things over reconcile. ② requests consumer society mediation. ③ executes the law to concerned administration branch (industrial and commercial, technology is supervised, prices) appeal. The arbitral agreement that ④ basis and operator reach, submit to to arbitrate the orgnaization arbitrates. ⑤ to people court to lodge a complaint, will safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of oneself.

How does ⒈ talk things over with operator settle consumptive dispute

After producing consumptive issue, before consumer is looking for operator to talk things over, should complain a station to seek advice to agriculture machinery quality or learn " consumer rights and interests protects a law " , " product quality standard " , " agricultural machinery product is repaired, change, the responsibility that return money sets " (abbreviation " agriculture machinery " 3 packets " regulation " ) and relevant law. Make clear Hunan operator is in the rights and interests that what respect damaged oneself; It is maintenance, change, still return money, can receive how many compensation after all, accomplish the person that know fairly well seeks sell on commission again, recount place to buy article and discovery quality problem, raise reasonable requirement lawfully, achieve satisfaction to solve through talking things over. If do not talk things over, can seek other way to solve.

How is ⒉ complained to consumer society

Consumer is complained should be a basis with factual character material. It is clear to should be written the full name that complains a person, address, postcode, phone, be shopped to taste name of company of name, brand, norms, amount, price, production by the distribute unit name of complainant, address, postcode, phone, place, damage kills the content such as fact and bargaining course, raise oneself reasonable requirement. Cooperate with without disappear meaning, do not mail at will ticket card, receipt, objective, lose in case.

⒊ is following 9 kinds complain disappear assist do not grant to accept

Basis " Chinese consumer society accepts consumer to complain a regulation " , various disappear assist reject a complaint is complained as follows. ① customer deals under the counter dispute. Between ② operator the dispute of respect of activity of purchase and sale. ③ commodity exceeds a regulation to guarantee period and assure period and the dispute of generation. ④ commodity indicates is processing (the except that handles an account without true specification) . ⑤ did not ask to install by commodity operation instruction handbook, use, custodial, oneself tear open what move and cause commodity attaint or person harm. ⑥ is complained square ambiguous. ⑦ controversy both sides ever reached intercessory agreement and already carried out, and do not have new case, new ground. ⑧ court, arbitral orgnaization or concerned service already accepted investigation and processing. ⑨ does not accord with state law, code to concern a provision.
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