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Small-sized and transverse axis sheds the use characteristic of type combine har
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Now with 3060 model the combine harvester is as follows for exemple introduction.
   1 . Feed a volume
Traditional combine harvester is used in excess load when, threshing platen appears to jam on the horse phenomenon, give out the sound that platen rotate speed drops, make handlers can discover and reduce in time feed a volume. But because straw is too broken,the axis sheds type combine harvester, qing Dynasty picks a system often first at threshing part excess load, appear run a variety of breakdown such as grain. Do not hear voice at this moment, handlers cannot discover. Because this handlers should pay close attention to his more,feed a volume.
   2. The clearance of threshing platen and intaglio
Threshing platen completes work of frumentaceous part threshing only, the rest of threshing by cylinder. And detached platen cannot be adjusted, namely its threshing ability is changeless. Say to want to be able to be taken off finally only so clean, answer to reduce the threshing rate of threshing platen as far as possible, this is one of important use principles of combine harvester of axial shedding type. Otherwise, straw is too broken, negative charge of Qing Dynasty choosing is too big, can bring as above all sorts of breakdown. Maintain straw as far as possible complete the most feasible method is as far as possible the clearance of old roll and intaglio (threshing platen rotate speed is not adjustable) ; Reap begin to come in ending a process, crop is more and more mature, take off more and more easily, answer to adjust the clearance of platen and intaglio some more and more greatly; Dry crop, also answer to move the space of platen and intaglio a little bit big, conversely somes small; The crop breed that takes off easily, somes platen and intaglio clearance shift are big, conversely somes small.
   3. Wind force
Wind force should as far as possible somes big. Grant naturally at the mankind an interesting phenomenon is, in all sorts of composition of the stock that is picked by Qing Dynasty, the density of seed bead is the biggest, short straw next, finally is clever carapace (branny) . Blast action is outside playing the stock with lesser density a machine, seed bead falls from the sieve on bolt. Accordingly, we set, wind force should be adjusted some more greatly than the wind force of traditional combine harvester, want seed bead to blow only do not go, wind force has been jumped over greatly more. Such, what there are seed bead and very few amount only on compass screen surface is miscellaneous beyond, the bear of bolt becomes very small, avoid effectively to clean the breakdown such as systematic excess load.
   4. Wind direction
Fan exit has baffle, can will give the air current billabong with bigger reason of blast tuyere below to arrive partly upside, make bolt has an evener air current to distributing on whole length. If be adjusted carelessly, bolt upper part is certain partial air stream is small, can't rise stock in suspension, air current spends large part, seed bead is blown. To make the stock of the before half part of bolt can suspension rises, the sieve issues majority seed bead, air current direction should make the throughput of before bolt half part a little a few bigger. Because slant,the air current before can compare a little bit the air current after slanting is big, so we can adjust wind force a few more largishly, in order to be helpful for Qing Dynasty choosing.
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