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Seminal machinery choose and buy
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Seminal treatment is seminal stock attendant go up exercise, spend completely after achieving 90% above, side with the further deep treatment of taller commercialization. Keep clear of among them the first link that all sorts of impurity in seminal stock are commercialization of seminal treatment implementation.

Of people hope seed spend completely it is good to jump over Gao Yue, but taller difficulty is greater also, be just as abstraction bullion, have 99% above only, without 100% . Know and understand this one regularity, machine machinery to science chooses a seed reasonably, very be necessary.

1, seminal impurity, all kinds of strange things, property is different

Press geometrical dimension cent, have big miscellaneous small impurities; Press accident cent, have long miscellaneous short miscellaneous; Press weight cent, light impurities is weighed miscellaneous. Although be light impurities, still have weight light impurities, density (specific gravity) light impurities and the cent relative to light impurities. Color has difference, say call bead of contamination of waste enamel, a kind also be seminal impurity classification.

The property of foreign matter is different, cleared method is different also, different cleared method needs the machine of different principle necessarily, this decided the seed machines mechanical diversity. Machinery of choose and buy, want practical, what is the property that makes clear and main foreign matter above all, accomplish have a definite object in view hard.

2, the general principle of machinery of choose and buy

The machinery of different principle, in the seed the impurity that in machining a process, keeps clear of or function emphasize particularly on somewhat, among them the principle that cleaner fetterses and sort are some morer, choose and buy ought to discreet. General reference is as follows principle.

(1) cleared apparently lighter on weight than good seed, and seed of dimension size become reconciled has apparent difference, should cleaner of type of sieve of first selection wind fetterses. This machinery is used at present the most general.

(2) keep clear of to there is apparent difference on accident dimension, and miscellaneous or the length that cannot keep clear of through after wind chooses treatment, still having is short miscellaneous when, ought to try machine of concentration of type of the eye that pick a check.

(3) after cleaner of type of course wind sieve and machine of concentration of type of check key point are machined, spend completely had risen apparently, and granuality is evener, but ill bead of corrupt of bead of the shrivelled bead in still having corn of a few such as, bug eat by moth, spic; The shrivelled bead in wheat, bug sucks bead, take housing bead; Corn of the shrivelled bead in paddy, black pink ill bead, bud; The bead of bug eat by moth in legume, ill bead, elephant skin bead... , above impurity belongs to density more (specific gravity) foreign matter, go up in weight often with good seed close, even overweight good seed, blame with specific gravity type foreign seeds extractor cannot keep clear of. Specific gravity type foreign seeds extractor as kind the development of course of study gains ground with each passing day, operation difficulty is more than wind to sift type cleaner to fetters.
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