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East wind, analysis of breakdown of S1.5A combine harvester
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One, end sifts actuating device unreasonable, fault rate is high
The end of S1.5A mower sifts actuating device to be similar to piston linkage mechanism, the design sifts at end lower part, connecting rod and drive axis are used prejudicial a motion of implementation reciprocating type, connecting rod and prejudicial apply mechanically make the same score key join, connecting rod and bolt use connection of bearing of a balata, because end is sifted,shake in the job frequency is very tall, the wallop of generation very big, often cause so roll key child with phenomenon of balata bearing attaint. This breakdown a machine misfires, must pull down end sieve and drive part entirely, ability changes the drive axis of attaint, prejudicial cover and the component such as balata bearing, maintenance is very trival and delay basic cycle time. Improving a method is will transmission shaft and prejudicial cover implementation tigidity to join; With electric welding seam, replace the original join that make the same score key, give the balata cut in balata bearing, change on two enclosed 6205 bearing (this one process needs a brim of balata bearing crust to cut 2 millimeter left and right sides into parts, put 6205 bearing next among them, after using pincer pliers impaction, reoccupy is cast-iron welding rod breach seam, otherwise 6205 bearing become loose easily) . After such improvement, use a year to did not malfunction. We were done again 2003 improve, the two side that end sifts actuating device to change end to sift, transfer power with two connecting rod, reduced the intensity getting power of connecting rod, and maintain maintenance is more convenient.
2, miscellaneous beyond promote use implement the dirt of drive-box Yi Jin that reachs grain elevator, cause bevel gear and bearing to wear away serious.
Of S1.5A combine harvester miscellaneous beyond promote use implement with grain elevator (the following abbreviation promotes use implement) housing and drive-box are clingy, the sealed means of drive-box upside uses felt the circle is sealed, the gear in drive-box and bearing use butter to lubricate, there is oiling mouth on casing. Because promote use implement as clingy as drive-box, and after the felt that seals with Yu Mi encircles the job for some time, harden (without lubricant measure) , sealed function is reduced greatly, promote use implement the dirt in enters drive-box easily, after much dirt enters casing, with butter adulteration is together, quickened the attaint of the component such as axis of gear of drive-box inner cone, spline. Original improvement the method is a drive-box inside change gear oil to lubricate, a cone-shaped oil filler point is machined on casing carapace, the end on casing spline axis and promote use implement the smooth mat that 30 millimeter control a diameter, rise to reduce the effect that dirt enters. Although can prolong the service life of the component inside drive-box such improvement, but cannot from go up at all solve a problem. We were done again 2003 improve further, promote use implement agitate dragon is in lower end lengthen 25 millimeter, make drive-box and promote use implement the clearance that 25 millimeter form between housing, meantime adds the space block with two 25 large millimeter, as corresponding also as chain of drive-box connective drive and bolt of 4 fixed Luo lengthen, after such improvement, promote use implement the dirt in cannot enter drive-box inside, solved thoroughly above mentioned breakdown.
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