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Agricultural the lash-up of carriage car is repaired
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Mat of 1. air cylinder is burned-out when burned area is lesser, with asbestine line fill; When burned area is larger, the same position that can fill up from crock of identical ply waste gas cuts below one to subsidize, on attentive light clap, make joint good; If burned-out place is to be in two crocks between, it is good to need to use asbestine line use asbestine line cupreous skin portfolio.
2. If hose of water of pass in and out of radiator broken leakage has a few crack, soap of besmear of usable adhesive plaster wraps up slack place, reoccupy iron wire is bound close; If burst is serious, can cut two paragraphs with the knife from this tube rent, wait with appropriate bamboo canal set between tube, reoccupy iron wire is bound close, next mount can; When radiator core copper pipe has slight leakage, usable soap papers slack place. Be like slack and serious, usable mandarin orange places slack part gently, make its not slack.
3. If break off to be in only,spiracle bedspring breaks off, can turn around bisection reed installation is used; When if bedspring breaks off,number is in, much crock machine but this crocks into, exhaust valve adjusts bolt to tear open below, spiracle is shut, make this crocks quit the job, break oil at the same time.
4. Midway cuts off the power suddenly should appear suddenly horn not noisy, lamplight devoid, starter does not turn when waiting for a phenomenon, explain car cuts off the power completely. At this moment, but first whether does the picket head that check tries accumulator become loose. When the examination do not random prize, after * of usable slip-joint pliers leaves, touch try two picket head, if do not have scintilla, explain picket head becomes loose, with spanner screw can; After screw of the head that be like picket is clean, cut off the power the phenomenon still was not eliminated, can examine case of polar lead connection, if the contact is undesirable, repair in time; If accumulator has damage of one simple case, usable copper silk connects good simple case directly use.
5. If fasten attrition,clutch skids piece touch smeary, can step on next clutch pedal pad, hold gas with oil gun, alignment flying wheel, attrition piece, the rift between clutch platen is shot, make above smeary dissolve can of short duration is used (when if do not have oil gun,reaching substitute, usable and plastic pipe or alignment of rubber canal oil absorption are shot) ; If grind piece skid because of burning caustic, make the part that burn caustic wool can, but when driving, start should smooth, gearshift movement wants rapid.
6. Leaf spring breaks off to be in according to the circumstance bridge of leaf spring, car and wear a block on mat, wait for bunch of firm of short duration to use with iron wire, sail toward repair a dot to change.
7. Tear open without jack change tire to tear open outside changing double platoon embryo annulus, inside usable block or stone, brick general annulus since mat, outside making annulus impending, can tear open change; Tear open when changing front-wheel drive or odd tire, the axis before usable block or brick, stone general or rear mat are firm, above the tire that wanting to tear open digging pit, make tire impending, can tear open change; With a paragraph of flat-roofed wood inclined top is below the axis before needing those who change tire or rear, next the axis before actuate car makes carry wooden general on the head or rear top rise, the wood that wait for a top is perpendicular when the top is firm, can tear open change tire.
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