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Licence of the brand of agriculture machinery product, name, brand, model, produ
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Mix in production, sale when buying agricultural machinery product, what encounter above all is the name of the product, model, brand and brand. Their concept, action, utility is different. The sort as agriculture machinery product, amount, ceaseless increase that produces a business, in market competition intense situation falls, the user is preferred to the product choose and buy, below the circumstance that takes quality seriously more and more, the brand of agriculture machinery product, brand more important. Country and ministry class are at present high grade agriculture machinery product indicated commonly the product name that this enterprise produces and brand.
   One, the brand of the product
Brand is to use a kind of distinction on commodity different generator and the special number that business character measures. A kind of design that the literal name that it is a product, design indicates or both photograph combines. Brand should tag the clear position in the product to go up, on product manual also constant with brand.
As the progress that industry produces, the enterprise is being produced same kind when the product, the difference of its grade, norms, quality is bigger and bigger. This differentia different tries to distinguish with different brand with respect to need, it is certain to make each brand makes delegate goods grade, quality, characteristic and mark. Our country ever was announced 1950 " brand registers temporary regulations " . Announced again 1963 " brand regulation " . To strengthen brand management, protective brand is special authority, make generator assure to business character is measured and defend brand reputation, in order to guarantee the benefit of consumer, the development of economy of stimulative socialism goods, the country was promulgated in August 1982 " trademark law of People's Republic of China " be in in March 1983 1 article case apply. The basis carries out a circumstance. Standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress was made in Feburary 1993 about revising " trademark law " decision, those who make is more perfect. "Trademark law " regulation: Enterprise, institution and private industry and commerce person, produce to its, make, treatment choose or the commodity of distribute, need gains trade mark of special right, ought to apply for commodity brand to register to brand bureau. We often see be written on brand have " registered trade mark " 4 words, passed registered trade mark namely. Special right and masses are opposite brand of trademark law protection the superintendence of commodity. For example, the iron ox-tractor tractor that the factory produces Tianjin tractor was tagged with iron ox-tractor business book, the factory cannot use other tractor iron ox-tractor brand. There was brand on commodity, masses can be supervised, if quality drops for a long time, cannot get solve, masses raises a requirement, after via brand director branch is examined, OK still the trademark that cancel has registered. Every the sham, brand that forges other enterprise to had been registered is illegal behavior. Trademark law is use statute measure promotes goods production and current advantageous measure, it is to promote the law that commodity quality improves to assure, this alive bound each country also is the same as. Because of the knowledge of this brand. No matter be pair of generator, distribute person and it is should witting for the user.
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