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Feed ungodliness of combine harvester threshing to settle way partly
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Feed a combine harvester partly (the horse that be like ocean, long keep the model such as cropland) as a result of its distinctive crop clip is held, the application of threshing means and technology of corresponding form a complete set, it is apparently good to make its are reaping respect of quality of means, threshing, power comsumption enter type at be being fed completely, relatively the reception that gets farmer friend. But the phenomenon that threshing ungodliness can appear sometimes in reaping exercise, the late rice that is in our region especially is reaped in. All sorts of reaps the place in serving with maintenance to encounter problem analysises that press down in this world of celestial being of riverside city county from these a few years look, feed ungodliness of combine harvester threshing to basically suffer effect of the following element partly.
One, work environment and technology of operation personnel operation
Although work performance is good,feed a combine harvester partly, but its technical demand to work environment and driver is relative taller.
1, crop height: What feed a combine harvester to use partly is vertical cuts a stage, via a series of transportation catenary carries threshing room threshing after crop cut, because this its height to crop has particular demand, if foreign horse combine harvester is 70 ~ 120cm, the limit is 55 ~ 130cm, can bring about crop spic head otherwise overmuch or cannot enter threshing room completely to threshing, cause threshing ungodliness.
2, the black ripe rate of crop: In reaping exercise, some farmers are the effect that avoids to get weather or other reason, often crop still is eager to reaping crudely, because this crop place is hydrous,divide, corn and the pulling force that paddy straightens are large, bring about threshing ungodliness. Reaping when rate is rapid, this phenomenon particularly apparent.
3, manipulate a technology: When operation personnel is reaping exercise, if lax case reachs mechanical design to ask to come according to operating rules,undertake reaping, reap the market intensely in nowadays especially in competition, have individual operation personnel to seek rate, raise economic benefits, disregard reap quality, also be one of main reasons that cause threshing ungodliness.
Be aimed at above problem, settling way is: (1) operate personnel to answer accurate hold speed of a motor vehicle, the maturity according to crop, grow state and crop discretion choose reasonable speed of a motor vehicle, excess load of platen of the threshing in avoiding to reap a process works. Let engine rotate speed basically maintain in reaping a process namely in rated rotate speed, assure threshing platen rotate speed thereby. Because can bring about threshing under standard rotate speed,threshing ungodliness, rotate speed of prep above standard can bring about Qing Dynasty to choose a loss again. (2) maintains threshing deepness of the standard. Operation personnel should adjust the height that cut a stage in time highly according to the growth of crop, because feed a combine harvester not to allow to cut the crop below to enter threshing room entirely partly, allow spic head part to enter only, because this threshing deepness crosses late meeting to make threshing grow in quantity of bits of the straw inside platen, increase threshing platen working load, influence platen works normally and cause threshing ungodliness; Too shallow can make crop spic ministry cannot enter threshing room effectively again and bring about leakage to take off. (3) the choice reaps direction correctly. Although feed the Fu He that goes up through cutting a stage into the combine harvester to unplug partly,point to can the crop of uprear lodging, but should reap down the direction of crop lodging as far as possible in reap, achieve help straight crop first again the working order of cut asks, prohibit absolutely converse reap. Lest was not helped up straight with respect to cut, the crop that brings about cut to fall is too short and cause cut a stage to carry place to jam on one hand, on the other hand crop cannot be placed effectively to hold, bring about be pulled by platen threshing room turns into to feed working status completely, cause bear to cannot undertake normal threshing greatly too.
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