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"Iron ox-tractor doctor " widely known writes down the river at the beginning of
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Circulating in Founder county machines of such “ of a pet phrase became bad search first river ” , first river be in eye of local farmer brother can be a ” of “ old able person. Come a few years, he is popularized at agriculture machinery scientific research busily, always be in appear in spot of agriculture machinery rush to repair for a short while, transfer advanced and applicable technology to farmer brother, silent service at the farmer, build a machine, pass a technology, do research, sent the real situation to become the true portraiture that he lives.

“ does group, love a ” , first river a few years of consistent day, often thorough and field edge of a field, and the mobile phone that oneself carries also became his busiest tool. Most a long time can be received one day unexpectedly listen to maintenance of 100 many agriculture machinery to appeal phone. Entire county 67 villages, village village has his figure, for not farming season of incur loss through delay, first river the job that often works overtime, work sometimes before dawn. What he works is clinging and altruistic the respect that changed farmer brother and love and esteem, once, farmer has a meal to leave him, pull his coverall bad even.

Besides the help the farmer repairs a machine, promotion technology and popularizing a mechanization of farming is more first the wish of the river, to change backward producer style, first river open technology of agriculture machinery promotion grooms class, moved classroom field, pursue operation of village demonstrative mechanization, in 10 years, mechanization of entire county paddy transplants rice seedlings achieved 85% , integrated mechanization degree was achieved 79.8% , enter mechanization of complete province paddy to cultivate advanced county cavalcade. Place of he and universities and colleges, scientific research cooperates, founded “ paddy protection section Shui Shaogeng helps advance somebody's career technical ” , the motive force that reduces basic cycle time of paddy field farmland substantially is used up and charge, fill the blank of domain of domestic relevant technology. Already passed fifty years old nowadays first river still dedicating silently, he says: “ can do bit of business for common people, I feel very happy. ”

(Yi Yun)