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The arms of the person at the head of a procession of battlefront of Xinjiang ma
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On April 16, 2008, xinjiang production builds corps farming one division posse appraise through comparison of job of spring sowing of the first phase, 18 Zhang Bucai has measured even driver of engine of great horse power with plowing geology, plan plows the be among the best of candidates in appraise through comparison of industry of ground soil preparation quickly in whole group, become soldier of the person at the head of a procession of machine Wu battlefront get military thing.

This year 38 years old of Zhang Bucai, from 1997 job machine Wu works to already had up to now 11 years, do not see his figure thin and small, level of agriculture machinery technology is in whole group is count as one of the best however. Because he agrees to bear hardships, be apt to grinds only, do not be afraid of tired, understand manage, in 7 years short he already was become very quickly in time 18 those who connect is rich door. At present he is used have 790 thousand yuan of great horse power, 1002 model the tractor is mixed 2 times farm tool of form a complete set. Those who depend on him is clever with level of management of agricultural science and technology, come 11 years, zhang Bucai is in posse has been a large family of Wu of excellant ground machine.

When Zhang Bucai just came from Sichuan 26 years old, he young likes to follow the prattle of old machine Wu of company without the thing, see them repair locomotive, begin him to just be being helped take a tool, make a hand report, because he is assiduous academic, often consult to experienced worker, be free to grind with respect to the brick knowledge of agriculture machinery theory, consider tractor and principle of Agricultural Machinery and Implement, company leader sees he is fast good stuff, employ engine driver. Very fast, zhang Bucai mastered skill of engine and the operation of all sorts of Agricultural Machinery and Implement, maintenance adroitly. Annual spring sowing, he always puts exercise quality in the first place, ask to contract many advise. Often be in the worker's opinion and proposal not paragraph summary experience. Want engine to exist in exercise only breakdown, he thinks method eliminates instantly, never let problem pass the night, often work overtime repair ensure engine moves normally, never had delayed the job. Come a few years, he not only work efficiency is tall, and exercise quality also gets contracting door approbate.

2003, posse implements agriculture machinery reform, he employs total saving to buy the engine of next company and dead stock, prepare market fund to buy again new 1002 engine. One person two engine, make he hit service company to have the idea of tractor hand of the technology, oneself should have a boss. He a day busy to evening, of grey face of grey head of all day long, never listen to him to say sound is tired, income keeps every time increasing, make he takes the lead in.

Zhang Bucai all the year round in order to hold to low cost efficient for the principle, even if be a screw, one dribble, a spacer is not refuse, careful calculation and strict budgeting. Come 5 years, his accumulative total is managing cost of raw materials 25 thousand yuan, oil plants is expended 37 thousand multivariate. Managing upkeep ten thousand seven hundred yuan, the attendance rate of engine is achieved 98% .
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