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Reap a bumper harvest and career, write down Dong Song of example of agriculture
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Before before long, ying east a when put before district government gate brand-new tractor caused people pay close attention to all the more, 60 thousand yuan tractor is saving this value completely just about one of obtaining large family of commending 5 agriculture machinery is issued on rural job conference, and the person that our city only has favour to obtain this tractor comes from Ying namely east Dong Zhai village of countryside of area Ran temple is common farmer Dong Song, he also is granted title of ” of example of large family of agriculture machinery of complete province “ at the same time, acquire 1000 yuan of stake that district government rewards.

There is him 34 years old only this year, those who having farmer spy is honest, and the agriculture machinery that he already had himself nowadays crosses an area to serve a line, annual can create a 1 million yuan profit. Through reaping a career, dongsong realized the part that becomes rich to get rich from the farmer of an average low income smoothly to span. And the taking of arrogant person achievement, hold to and be not divided conscientiously from what do not abandon from beginning to end. He tells a reporter, purchase combine harvester of the first self-propelled to begin from 2003, made what harvest wheaten, rice technically for the farmer reap line of business with respect to of one mind. And every time accrual quite after abundant, he can economize, will earn the money that come to acquire stage by stage new machine, execute scroll type development, expand ceaselessly dimensions. During the combination that undertakes wheaten, paddy reaps business, his discovery is reaped besides our region outside, area of provincial, other place is very large also to the demand of this business, then he begins to develop order pattern to cross a province to cross an area to work, the time that uses 7 many months every year undertakes operation outerly, work place is to enclothe Heibei, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi more, inside the province city such as unconscious, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Shanghai. Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, those who pass 5 years is concentrated with effort, he had had mower of 3 crawler mower, 2 ministry annulus type now, purchased 2 cars technically still to be used at the move of crawler mower, deployed 2 cars to be used at going there and back to carry, and smooth these machinery with respect to value nearly 1 million yuan. Use these advanced machine, dong Song was finished in all last year harvest wheat 28 thousand mus, paddy 150 thousand mus, operation service revenue 1.88 million yuan, implementation profit is close 1 million yuan.

While the individual goes straight towards well-off, he still does not forget to drive circumjacent masses to become rich. The “ Ying that hold water is registered in oneself east countryside of area Ran temple is suitable receive agriculture machinery to cross an area to serve team ” in, have 36 farmers join periphery to come in serving a line. Villager Li Gui is the same as, Dong Zhao annulus says, dong Song can be maintained, have experience, warmhearted, work together with him have hope. Additional, villager plum allusion as man of virtual and ability, since buying mower from Dong Song, oneself bought a station 3 rounds agricultural car, dong Song is in charge of reaping, oneself are helping past farmer home help use, will a few years also come true gradually rich.
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