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Affection of half world agriculture machinery writes down reclamation of wastela
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She, although do not have " desert mother " eldest sister of heroine Chinese rose is so great, but also can say none exaggeratively, she also is the honor of corps, be children of reclamation of wasteland by an army unit proud. 1957, became reclamation of wasteland by an army unit gloriously when her generation female tractor hand, who says the “ in Henan opera aria the typical delegate that the woman does not allow woman of “ of her fashion into a man ” as much as male ” .

She calls Huang Zhenai. Heading pair of reclamation of wasteland by an army unit generation female tractor of the hand esteem, on April 10, the author builds corps farming all right 78 groups of 4 division in Huang Zhenai a respectful form of address for an old person, the female engine hand that covered situation of lifetime of agriculture machinery of career of settlement of corps of persistence of this half a lifetime, favor.

1952, like Huangzhen loves Shandong girl of 19 years old and making what answer call of Chairman Mao, the Party Central Committee more have annals young person, leave home town to boost border area. They set out together, have about a hundred military vehicle, have 6 in all, 7000 people. They arrive on foot from Shandong Xi'an, take a car to Shi He from Xi'an child, bumped all the way near two months. Just arrived Shi He the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am, boundless and indistinct, miscellaneous brushwood gives birth to the desert, everywhere desolate, often still the wolf appears and disappear, in the evening a person dare not go out, must pull on 3, 5 individual get together. Often be the head sees somebody lives in tent one day, arrive the following day, cannot find a person, remain quilt and the person character that are had to remain by the wolf only.

1957, army needs a large number of land reclamation. Because of Shi He child person of the Han nationality is exiguous, dimension a group of things with common features and breath out a group of things with common features more, in the absense of hand, company from enter border it a few bodies picked in the girl is good that a few bodies picked in the girl as female engine hand, she also is chosen to go up. Because the technology can be excellent, hard-working, huang Zhenai was moved to clear 1960 revive 75 groups, arrive after 75 groups, apprentice of region of her hand handle, took large quantities of one male engine hands. No matter male arms still is female soldiers,plow the ground by turns in the evening at that time, arrive in the evening, the wolf follows in ocean to plow from the back collect mice to eat, mice has a brick that Mo is long, look at let be scared in popular feeling, in those days she not only learned to plow the ground, still learned to reap, make food.

A day of cold 1961 winter, put on two cotton-padded clothes and a fur coat, still feel very cold. She and husband head for ministry leaving a group in the evening the place outside 40 kilometers plows the ground, the car leaves on the way when, air temperature drops abruptly, the sump of the tractor and cistern were stayed in by aspic completely, the car is started did not wear, if be in,the cab word that go down can be frozen to death for certain. To avoid cistern aspic is cracked, she and husband look for sacsaoul bavin, bake the water of cistern with fire change put, in the night dodder along is being felt on foot 20 much kilometers return round ministry, after going back, she catchs a cold high fever be laid up 3 days, still fell since then arthritic defect.
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