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Filial piety of king of agriculture machinery hand is become -- farming 33 group
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“ other people is real, the end of the year is on account never with our dispute, odd is discharged is commonplace. Who looks for him to sow, even if the ground is in far, he never declines, his dry work we are at ease. ” Xinjiang corps farming 2 division 33 groups 4 connect say of worker Zhu Fushan.

Was in recently 33 groups 4 even, spring irrigation is about to end, spring sowing already began in succession, although sow engine by the arrangement that connect manage, so that every sow personnel to be able to be earned,go up money, but the worker asks king filial piety,discharge again into the person that sow removed cue.

Wang Xiaocheng of 37 years old already drove locomotive 7 years this year, he is round field is repaired formerly join technical staff, after round requirement undertakes to subsection amalgamative, essence is decreased, he and wife Chen Gongmei are in 4 contracted repeatedly 60 mus of cotton field, like to move back and forth however the Wang Xiaocheng of engine is content with, external debt lent 50 thousand yuan 2000, bought an iron ox-tractor 55 engine, the pains that passes couple and assiduous, already paid off debt to 2003, this works is 7 years.

He invested the beginning of the year again last year 20 thousand yuan bought a gas to attract type machine of half precision drilling. In sowing a process, he puts service quality in from beginning to end the first, by contract door requirement, ask to work by engine technology, each link can be accomplished meticulous, considerate. Contract namely door the ground is in far, area is again small, he also did not decline, go serving for the worker all the same. He sowed last year, hit medicine, intertill hardly cease passes, net income of the end of the year amounts to more than yuan 25 thousand.

From this year he invests the beginning of the year again 12000 yuan, change plane of half precision drilling make precision drilling machine, now he became company again nowadays in agriculture machinery door the busiest person, also be the person that can earn money most thereby. (the dream is cold)