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Wang Yan flies 30 years agriculture machinery predestined relationship
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Hang out his shingle formally as 10 first pilot enterprises quoted price of stock of garden of ZhongGuanCun science and technology is made over system, with a hunderd schools of region of garden of “ ZhongGuanCun science and technology identity of ” of innovation pilot enterprise is initiated advocate ” of alliance of strategy of innovation of technology of industry of “ agriculture equipment, advocate battalion income by, contemporary Inc. of farming outfit science and technology (“ of the following abbreviation is contemporary ” of farming outfit company) each pace goes very solidly. However, “ is inputted on Baidu contemporary ” of Yan Fei of farming outfit king, be less than the expert resume of 200 words besides, we are empty-handed ……

In the morning at 9 o'clock, king Yan Fei began to enter the one job with busy day. The first see general manager of king Yan Fei, you can think of far from just 50 she what come forward has been in this trade go to work made 30 years, wearing a simple and sedate blue jacket, there always is kind and amiable smile on the face, conversation is clean and agile, those who handle an issue is decisive make a person impressive.

“ arrives this year, I just am engaged in agriculture machinery industry rectifying 30 years! The opening remarks that ” Wang Yan flies to, let attendant each can't help holding one's breath collect is angry, silent audition is worn in 30 years, she is how compose arrives from the scientific research worker of agriculture machinery courtyard contemporary the leading person of farming outfit company, go to Beijing again the “ of committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference ” of 3 paces music.

Scientific research is dedicated and respect property

The scientific research job that Wang Yan flies to can use solid, with great concentration to study will describe, regard a dinkum scientific research worker as her this works even if 20 old, 20 old scientific research work she is developed a series of agriculture machinery new product, also explore the way that gives a new scientific research.

Yan Fei hits the country's grown king small work to have an interest of pliable but strong. 1977, wang Yan flies to graduate with production major from mechanical design of Jilin industry university, graduation hind allocates courtyard of Chinese agriculture machinery. Until at this moment, she just had real knowledge to agriculture machinery. “ sees those thick stupid agriculture machinery, I am very disappointed really. ” Wang Yan flies to describe her to just arrived so the feeling of agriculture machinery courtyard. Because be opposite agriculture machinery industry is not ripe, when just coming to courtyard of Chinese agriculture machinery, the agriculture machinery trade that she pursues to place very do not value. Can be this girl that agriculture machinery does not value completely 30 years ago, became the person above average of this industry nowadays. “ I feel agriculture machinery industry is a good industry, agriculture machinery industry is sunny industry, agriculture machinery product and market dispute often are worth the domain of development. ” king Yan Fei says.
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