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"Machine " fly off in the nest Jin Fenghuang - , write down Yang Zhenshi of 泃 o
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Walk into this world of 泃 of 3 rivers city to press down large family of agriculture machinery of Shi Daozhuang village the courtyard of Home Yu Xuejun, as if walked into a small-sized agriculture machinery to be on sale the spot. There is caterpillar track type here tractor, wheeled tractor, small four-wheel tractor, agricultural 3 rounds of carriage cars, combine harvester of wheaten, corn, adscititious 5 ploughshare are plowed, machines and tools of a variety of form a complete set such as machinery of rotary tillage machine, shallow drill coming back, irrigation and drainage, have nearly 20 fully (set) .
Regard 3 rivers city as famous agriculture machinery large family, yu Xuejun is recumbent these modern agriculture are mechanical, through beginning crop rotary tillage, sow, the exercise of one continuous line such as results, plant protection serves, make oneself took the lead in be on comparatively well-off road.
Year the Yu Xuejun of close fifty years old drives with respect to love as a child, “ tinkers with ” machinery, he purchased to procrastinate greatly 1983, do namely carry do farm work again, become whole town large family of the first agriculture machinery, walked up to use the way that agriculture machinery earns money from now on. Because Yu Xuejun agrees to bear hardships, mind is quick, be good at studying, plus various government, be in 3 rivers city especially of agriculture machinery branch give aid to directly, guide below, his agriculture machinery operation is bigger and bigger, go wider more. 2005 to 2007, he uses national agriculture machinery to purchase allowance policy early or late, updated 2 80 horsepower to buy 2 self-propelled corn tractor, newly to combine results machine, at present he already had agriculture machinery total power 330 kilowatt, fixed assets total value more than yuan 50, year net income amounts to 120 thousand yuan.
Rich the Yu Xuejun that rise, did not forget redound society, redound villager. Mix in bureau of agriculture machinery of 3 rivers city this year below the support of the leader that press down a village, yu Xuejun contact specialist of more than 20 agriculture machinery, the plan establishs cooperation of major of the first agriculture machinery of 3 rivers city, adopt the form of teamwork, let more farmers become rich through running agriculture machinery, spend a career for 3 rivers agriculture machinery development, make larger contribution to build socialistic new rural area.
(He Hongyun)