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Luo Lin: Because be thankful,with responsibility I choose redound
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Road of Jinan city mulberry field 19, it is the machinery of Shandong province agriculture that experienced nearly 50 years of harships the seat of scientific institute. Inside a 2 common parlor, the reporter is waiting to make trade of countrywide agriculture machinery recently 10 big female outstanding one of the arrival of institute director Luo Lin.

The downy and strong high-heeled shoes voice outside the door by prep as far as close, the door is opened subsequently, the female strong point that does not lose elegant, corners of the mouth simply to bringing shallow smile however when dress sits calm, the reporter still did not earn emergence to come from inside distrustful mood: It is really at the moment this elegant woman, does place oneself climb at studying place is felt in agriculture machinery industry boil hit tens of year?

Then, the reporter puts recording pen Luo Lin before, preparation begins to listen attentively to a sealed story. See recording pen, luo Lin opened a fun casually: “ does not put recording pen, with put a bomb like. ” does not know is ” of this “ bomb open ” of blast of “ of word small box, inside two subsequently many hours, ground of Luo Lin get sth done without any letup told a story for the reporter. This story is about mulberry field road 19, be about in ” of that “ mulberry field oneself.

Obedience allocates: “ enters major of ” agriculture machinery by accident

The Luo Lin that is born at county of Shandong governor island laughs at the daughter ” that says he is “ sea, however extensive sea did not attract her. After be brought up, she leaves the sea to writtened guarantee predestined relationship. Because of why become attached to? Luo Lin says: I am “ ‘ enters ’ by accident agriculture machinery course of study ” . The fountainhead of all these, should from speak of 30 years ago.

1976, luo Lin walks out of middle school school gate, commissariat inspection man was made make in bureau of commissariat of long island county. After a year, she what be learned toward Yantai commissariat school by unit group, open a radio accidentally, heard the news that restores the university entrance exam fitly. “ hears this news, I return the home immediately. ” right now, distance exam goes the time of a week only. Although time is pressing, luo Lin still high school all textbook broke up to be seen without exception. The outcome of hasty go into battle is not ideal, the beautiful jade of a white horse with a black mane of the university entrance exam 1977 fails in. “ is the atmosphere that experienced the university entrance exam. After ” , the book in hand of beautiful jade of a white horse with a black mane was not put down again, of the job it is companion with the book.
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