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Ma Jinying: Only career success is insufficient
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The success with the greatest ○ was to protect company of this old state-owned agriculture machinery, the biggest succeeding is to feel business development is too slow
I am pondering ○ how to turn the excellent part of the enterprise into a kind of spirit, concept and culture root plant at the enterprise
○ is in life dictionary of Ma Jinying, “ tough ” and “ firm ” are had be different from common sense

On August 17, industry of agriculture machinery of “ whole nation 10 big female outstanding ” prize-giving ceremony is held ceremoniously in Harbin. 100 million machinery produce Shandong gold limited company (below call gold 100 million companies) president Ma Jinying receives in glory this title.

“ a kind of affirmative ” that this is pair of our president life, character, bearing, 100 million companies are having gold 20 for years speech of king of vise general manager of company of the old worker of factory age, sale learns to say to the reporter, “ is in agriculture machinery industry, equestrian president is absolutely not empty this ” .

Savor the joys and sorrows of life that the enterprise runs

Worked 40 years in this enterprise, appreciate goes to the Ma Jinying that became 13 years of main leaders endless suffering hot acid is sweet.

Sum up the flavor of so old management company, ma Jinying says modestly: The success with the greatest “ was to protect company of this old state-owned agriculture machinery, the biggest succeeding is to feel business development is too slow. ”

Ma Jinying says, in her 1994 replace after the factory of agriculture machinery of state-owend enterprise high density at that time, the enterprise experienced decay twice. It is others is close to closing down in the enterprise when allowing for the first time, after she assumes office business bring back to life; And it is the 2nd allow to go up in oneself business get into trouble, kiss handgrip enterprise to liven again subsequently. The roundabout way that to once was in the place on business management took 2000, ma Jinying alludes nowadays change a before making two fold still appear very deep feeling of grief, she analyses her lesson deeply: Pay close attention to value catenary health and cost control and capital to accumulate without rigor. Change the Ma Jinying after making to be paid attention to more in respect of cost control and company profit ability. 2004, gold 100 million companies guide successfully inside the enterprise ERP system, the thing that had built unobstructed nowadays flows, capital shedding and iformation flow system. “ everyday circumstance of financial forms for reporting statistics, produce and sale in ” of the take in everything in a glance on personal computer, ma Jinying says. After harships, what is the reporter asks about it is difficult to make Ma Jinying conquer so much in the past. Ma Jinying says, the force that those who lean is sincere letter and never the spirit that character defeats. Change the exceeding and difficult period after making, what Ma Jinying held a company at the same time is puissant live with development, still dropped 40 million yuan of money that company place owes at the same time, the respect that won the partner such as bank, supplier and agency and support energetically.
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