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"Have general demeanor " agriculture machinery daughter " iron man-a person of e
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“ without what I am good write, I just did the working ” that person of an agriculture machinery should do, before the reporter, huang Huimin appears have an insecurity. To break constraint atmosphere, she rises open TV, the kinescope smooth dish that broadcasted a dish to work about her. The reporter notices, the Huang Huimin pace that working status is in in smooth dish is strong and vigorous, wind wind fire, with at the moment this not good at the way one speaks or what he says, ask one says, she what can serve as an answer with the smile sometimes is like two different people. However, namely such inside the middleaged woman with elegant collect, arduous on agricultural battlefront however cultivated 27 years, 60 have the honor to win ” of ” of “ advanced worker, “ outstanding communist, “ for many times the greatly small honor such as ” of hand of 38 red flags.

The heart fastens a farmer, affection fastens agriculture machinery, scrupulously and respectfully all post, without complain without regret, director of this agriculture machinery bureau of basic level, with a bagatelle of an ordinary guileless, changed leader and masses the accredit to her and reputably. 2006 season of 3 summer wheat harvest, gu Mozhi of Shandong province vice-governor is in He lustre city peony area inspects wheaten chance stop work for the day to make, see Huang Huimin is in imperturbably when directing wheaten mower to cross an area to work, admire substantially: “ Huang Huimin, she has general demeanour ” really.

“ is stupid ” goes becoming director of agriculture machinery bureau

Yellow Hui Minsheng is in a country, long be in a country, for generations is a farmer, the folkway with Qi Lu honest earth fed her grow, thick land is accompanying her solid pace, make she maintained a heart that be thankful as a child. Have a job 20 come for years, she had not left ” of “ farming mouth all the time, to “ farming the deep feeling that ” has an ordinary person to understand hard.

1977, huang Huimin is graduated from Shandong school of He lustre agriculture, come according to the “ company that executes at that time the company goes the allocation of ” policy, after graduation, soil of her return to one's native place. 1980, she attends a society disengaged brainpower takes an exam, be by employ with outstanding achievement the country is official cadre, was allocated in January 1981 Shandong visits He lustre town (today area of peony of He lustre city) station of farming ability of Zhao Lou commune works, the ” of “ agriculture life in beginning her to work from now on. 1984, her attune reachs former He lustre city station of city farming ability holds the post of deputy stationmaster, stationmaster on the west. 1987, hold the post of vice-president of school of broadcast of agriculture of He lustre city. In March 1997, ren Yuan He deputy director general of bureau of lustre city agriculture, chaired agricultural bureau to work in the round in September 2000.
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