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Chen Zhi: Will outstanding undertake after all
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Boyhood of fine number Chen Zhiqing takes the route that cross, each pace is as outstanding as “ ” this adjective is linked together cheek by jowl. Graduation hind learns to be training school place to admit with outstanding achievement in; Have not graduate to be attended class by the classfellow that the school appoints him; In the distance when the university entrance exam has 20 many days only, begin to review a homework, take an examination of however gave 4 flat area to rank second physics mark; Half an year of enter a school, after becoming Jilin industry university to restore the university entrance exam allow …… of student union chairman

After system of the university entrance exam restores 30 years today, old annals just when heyday, leading academy of science of Chinese mechanization of farming to attack a city to sweep past a pool in domain of agriculture machinery scientific research, creating another brilliant. Look, he is to want will outstanding undertake after all all the way.

Campus broadcast spreads a good news

Chen Zhi completed the school work of elementary school and middle school with 8 years of time, 1970, chen Zhizhong of 15 years old learns graduation. In those days, jilin province holder of the General Certificate of Education is unified execute “ 4 face ” policy, face a country namely, face a factory, face force, face the school. Regard the age in annual class as the youngest graduate, chen Zhi cannot join the army already, also cannot become a worker, can continue to go to school only read. There is the school kind such as coal school, business school, normal school at that time, chen Zhi is admitted finally by training school place, “ actually, I like to become a teacher least of all. ” Chenzhi is laughing to say.

Although to the teacher this group does not catch a cold, however a bit does not hamper Chen Zhi shows itself quickly in training school. Study of two years has not end by a definite date, the school with respect to Chen Zhi of the ” in “ photograph, let him stay school teach, the classfellow that gives oneself attends class, school group is in charge of again later appoint the job. Accordingly, save a group when Jilin appoint at deciding in provincial Party committee 57 dry school hold complete province 1977 cadre of outstanding the Youth League grooms when the class, chen Zhi is without what acquired round organization be concerned aboutingly to recommend, the be released from production to take on other duty that began half an year of by a definite date grooms.

At that time, 4 people of “ help ” just be smashed, prohibit broadcasting during ” of “ Culture Revolution " heroic paean " wait for classical song to appear in broadcast afresh. A day at the beginning of November 1977, dry school broadcast is in after broadcasting song, broadcasted an important information: Halt system of long the university entrance exam is about to restore. This message, changed Chen Zhi's destiny.
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