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Yellow moral character is strong in Yang Fang: Write down devote agriculture mac
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In my drawer, collect carefully is worn one Zhang Shangshi discipline the photograph seventies, that is the group photo of the member that machinery of agriculture of a piece of round field makes composition. Act vigorously of group leader Liu, from the undergraduate that Xi Zihu bank walks along, altruistic dedication gave the youth oneself and talent the agriculture machinery career of big desert desert. See this piece of picture every time, for a long time of my surging thoughts or emotions cannot calm, the past emerges again it is before.

One day of May 1965, 43 round tractor-ploughing came repeatedly an undergraduate. Be allocated moulding workshop did a foundry work, he is Liu Fen.

In the consciousness of people, an university is become to obscure company natively a foundry work, have a problem for certain. But, the people here or enthusiastic ground admitted him.

Guess like many people in that way, liu Fen has a paragraph of labyrinthian experience really.

Liu Fen and wife ginger Shan graduate from Hangzhou university together, cherish have one's bosom filled with cordial was on a society. Jiang Shan is divided to some middle school to become a teacher, liu Fen is divided to a factory when technician. After working one year, they were on marital red carpet. After a few years, they had two in succession male one female 3 children. One when became envy letting a person.

One turned over west wind to blow the plant that Liu Kun is in very quickly. Liu Fen does not know why, oneself do not have missay word to also do not have err thing, the leader often lets him keep examination data, want him to dig idea source greatly. Most those who let a person be not accepted is the wife was in the school to also know this thing, can hall of Temple of God allow educational god to issue unclean component how? Wife unit leads Yao Jiangshan and dividing line of his make a clear distinction, for a short while, originally happy family begins tumbledown, the shadow is enveloping this once happy family.

A day, the unit leads talk of act vigorously looking for Liu to say, you had not gone to cliff edge, work at ordinary times considering you pretty good, give you the chance of a reform, you go to Xinjiang thoroughly remould oneself transforms him.

That day in the evening, after waiting for children to sleep soundly, husband and wife two cry on each other's shoulder. For this home, for wife and child, the following day, liu Fen and ginger Shan dealt with divorce formalities. In the family cry in call, liu Fen was set foot on go the train of Xinjiang.

Liu Fen arrived Urumqi, be allocated machinery plant foundry. He works silently everyday, changing the longing to family strenuous motivation, won leader and work in the same placing very quickly reputably, invite for technician, after a few years, catch up with industry to assist agriculture again, the 43 groups of Liu Fen and the bank that a few workers come to to Xie He.

The 43 round tractor-ploughing at that time are connected, have a simple and easy foundry work workshop, there is stove of a lathe of a leather belt, puddling inside. Workers rely on the lathe with this a few simple and easy appearance to make a few simple farm tool. The mental place that Liu Fen is done poineering work difficultly by round field person is affected, the manufacturing technology that he is determined to change this kind to lag behind with oneself and knowledge.
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